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This website is to advertise a book: ESCAPE OF THE UFSAPOG

This book explores several ideas about evolution. The principal idea will surprise you and will alter for ever your view of yourself and the world. It eliminates the paradoxes of current theories and it is beautifully simple. Like other truths it may at first be difficult to accept, but logic will eventually overcome instinctive reluctance. There are, of course, interesting philosophical consequences.

We see the sun rise and set, but we understand the universe better when we know that the earth is rotating and traveling round the sun. We understand evolution better when we understand exactly what it is that evolves.

The principal idea can be expressed in one sentence for those in a hurry; in one page for those with more interest; and for those that wish to explore further there are two short essays: Basic theory and Applications.

The idea is explored at greater length in the book together with a number of other subjects that are relevant. The book is about the theory of evolution, about what it is that evolves, and how it evolves. The chapter headings can be viewed in Contents.doc.

People who might enjoy reading this book are likely to possess some of the following characteristics:
  • aa Interest in the origin and evolution of life
  • aa Preference for logical universally applicable theory
  • aa Enjoyment of ideas, even those that are a little quirky
  • aa Concern for the future of the earth and life
  • aa Desire to aim for fairness in our actions, even though we may fall short
  • aa Doubt about the direction mankind is taking
  • aa Intellectual inquisitiveness
  • aa Willingness to challenge accepted dogma
  • aa A peculiar sense of humour and a liking for simple doggerel

If you possess very few of these characteristics I would suggest you save your time and money.

If you are happy and relaxed and content with the religious and scientific beliefs that you hold, then please do not read this book. I would not wish to disturb your peace of mind.